Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Make More Cash

28 Jan

If you pay attention to a lot of the top marketers in my lead system pro you’ll notice that they don’t just promote affiliate products just to promote them, but offer them to their target market AFTER they’ve actually use the products and have gotten results, in this article I want to go over an easy 4 step affiliate marketing strategy to make more affiliate sales, so lets begin…

Step 1

Purchase the product yourself and learn how to use it to achieve the results desired. Essentially solve a problem you have with a product that you want to turn around and sell as well. In my case I wanted to get more traffic to my content from the social networks so I began using Tribepro.

Step 2

Document some of the results you have achieved before you turn around and share the product with other people. You’re going to be sharing these results with other people when you are ready to make money. The better your results and the bigger their problem, the easier it will be to make sales. In his Jordan’s case, he took screenshots of his monthly traffic ( google rankings ) People need more traffic, this is the solution To be effective you don’t just say this is the problem, here is the solution and now you need to give me money, don’t do that. You show them step-by-step how to do it.

Step 3

Put together a step-by-step guide to show people how you’re using the product and talk about the problem that it solved, then simply offer them the product so they too can solve the same problem. With Tribepro I talked about the simplicity of traffic generation, SEO, and lead generation all in one place.

Step 4

This is the best step. Get your step-by-step guide in front of your target market for the product

Create Videos
Blog Posts
Better Networker Posts

Then watch your affiliate marketing back office to see the commissions come pouring in.




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