The 3 Keys To MLM Success Online

31 Jan

Make sure you are engaging with people, the basics of communication are always the same, the internet is just a tool ,whether you are on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere online act like you would act if you were with that person face-to-face.

Our #1 goal is to be a trusted authority in our niche, people buy from people they know like and trust,you need to be their “trusted advisor” so to speak.

Here are the 3 Keys to MLM  Success Online

1.Trust – be authentic, rapport, be yourself, connect with them on their level, build trust, connect on similar likes, put yourself out there

2.Build credibility – separate yourself from the crowd, people have to believe that you know what you are talking about, think about why you are writing an article, shooting this video, what is it going to give to the person who is reading or watching., speak to them, why do they need to read this article? Have the visitors see that you are someone important in the industry, are you engaged in the industry? Are you a professional? Are you passionate about what you do?

3.Authority –  Once you establish credibility people commenting on your blog,getting phone calls from people, emails you will now have authority, you now know how lead people to success, able to plug people into the system, you’re becoming a good trainer, teacher You are now becoming a leader

Online MLM success comes down to building up your value, facebook likes, FB fans, leads don’t mean anything if you don’t provide value, they’re always thinking WIIFM, lol.Put yourself in their shoes, what is it that they want? How are you going to get them to overcome their obstacles?

You get back what you put into it, just because you went to law school doesn’t mean you’ll become a lawyer making over 6 figures

Give your blog visitor some insight, something they never learned before, i.e Did you know that you just don’t have to chase friends and family? Did you know that you can find prospects on facebook? Give them an aha moment so to speak. Or if you with them on the phone. give them insight, you’ll up your credibility

What benefits can you give your prospects? Be specific about what benefit they are going to receive, increase your credibility and authority. Problem solution formula, easy way to covert a prospect into a sale.

Results will speak louder than anything else, provide a webinar for your list, do a webinar on meetup groups, give insight

Show them the benefits of If you want to hang out with mountain bikers,mlm’ers,etc Its targeted ( the benefits of meetup groups) This is how you sponsor people How do you provide value to your visitors,prospects,warm market

Treat this like a university, fill yourself up with knowledge and success you shall have.

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