8 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

1 Feb

I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and noticed a couple patterns among a lot of the top producers in the industry, in this short but brief article I’ll go over some of the traits that they all have in common, enjoy!

1.The first one is association, get yourself around positive people, who you associate with and who you don’t will make all the difference avoid the people who are jealous and envious of people who have success, what if you need that person you avoided ,say when you went to a event, be happy for everybody

2.Mastermind – mastermind events are important, huge for you success, it creates momentum,excitement, this gives you drive

3.Coachable- don’t take this business on yourself, don’t reinvent the wheel, reach out to the leaders in the industry, don’t be set in your own ways, it is good to test things, but be humble, you have to be able deal with and take criticism, accept it, don’t take it personal ,if they coach you they care and want to guide you in the right direction

4.Be a hunter, always be on the hunt, be passionate, always be looking for the next leader in your business, always be open for business when you are out and about.

5.Invest in your business – don’t be cheap, don’t be afraid to invest in your education and yourself, this is your business, you have to have that mindset, do whatever it takes, your only hindering yourself and your business, grab a book, soak up as much positive information that you can

6. Be able to manage your time – Its very easy to make excuses why you didn’t have time for your business, be serious, set aside some time in your day for business so say from 8-9 I will listen to the wakeup call, etc. Don’t procrastinate

7. Share things with people – share your training freely, don’t be afraid to give, don’t hold back with your knowledge, most people won’t take action with the information you share but a lot will, ray higdon offered free coaching sessions to people on. the free Numis cruise he was on, most people didn’t take him up on that offer, surprising!

8. Work your face off – this is your business, manage your time well, if you are working hard you know you are making an investment in your future, it will pay off eventually

Have drive,passion, and I’ll set you at tha bank

Tyronne Ratcliff


2 Responses to “8 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs”

  1. Erika Solores February 12, 2012 at 4:26 am #

    One one more thing all entrepreneurs have in common is they have strong belief in themselves. They have huge confidence they can achieve anything they set their mind to. I believe success, true success comes from the inside. Nice post!

    • tyronneratcliff October 2, 2013 at 1:12 pm #

      Hey Erika,you’re right about success coming from the inside. Coaches and mentors can help you to a certain extent but motivation,success, and drive come from within. Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment!

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