SEO Networker 3.0 Review

30 Jan

SEO Networker 3.0 is set to launch on November 16,2011 and will be the solution for business owners marketing on the internet who are looking to get visitors to their site  generate leads and make sales. It’s an intense,interactive course that will go over all facets of online traffic generation for the network marketing business owner.

SEO practitioners Raymond Fong and Ferny Ceballos are creators of SEO Networker 3.0 and have a good size laundry list of online clients including Carbon Copy Pro,Betternetworker and Magnetic Sponsoring to name a few. They are considered “go’ to guys when it comes to anything related to search engine optimization.

SEO is often cited as the best way for marketers to get laser targeted visitors and potential buyers to a site. People turn to the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find solutions to their problems.

With programs like Google Adwords getting more expensive by the day, SEO is seen as the best solution for the small business owner to tap into the millions of people searching online.

SEO Networker 3.0 will cover the crucial aspects of search engine optimization including:

  • An Introduction To SEO
  • How To Study Your Competition ( Competitive Analysis )
  • Off-Page SEO
  • On-Page SEO
  • Tools Of The SEO Trade
  • An Overall SEO Strategy

Sales Copy -The Key To Effective MLM Advertising

30 Jan

Being able to write a good sales letter is a skill that each and every internet marketer should acquire.

Contrary to popular belief, writing effective sales copy isn’t rocket science. If you can speak great English you can create sales copy that converts. Writing in a conversational tone is the best way to convince your readers to buy your products and services, which is your job as a copywriter. The following suggestions will allow you to create sales copy that conveys your sales message without taking away from the essence of your product or service.

The first step in getting people to buy from you is to know them. It’s important to know your customers as much as you can before you start creating your copy. When copywriters skip over this point, a huge gap occurs in their copy. Determine who your typical customer would be. What age group are they in? What interests them? Are they male or female? Answering these questions will help you to gain clarity which can make all the difference in your sales copy. Try to really visualize your ideal customer before sitting down and getting started.

Secondly, create sales copy that people would understand right away by simply glancing at it. A lot of people reading on the Internet just skim through content as opposed to reading all the words. Your copy needs to be organized in a way so that any individual reading through it should be able to understand what it is your trying to get across. In order to make this happen you need to keep your subheadings to the point, also keep your paragraphs short and to the point as well. Creating sales copy that has big blocks of content is definitely something to stay away from.

Finally, connect with your readers in the sales copy and try to get them to agree with you on several points. This is an old sales approach but nevertheless it still works amazingly well.

Your intention is to get your prospects in a certain mindset, which is to get them to make a decision once they are given a ‘call to action’. That being said, make sure that you’re honest with everything you do, be frank with your approach, because if you fail to do this, then you risk losing your prospects, which would defeat the purpose.

Copy writing is a skill that can be broken down in a few easy steps and can be mastered by practicing regularly. It may take some time before you produce any results, but you will start to see the fruits of your labor if you take consistent action with your copy writing. Master this one skill set and you can essentially write yourself your own ticket.

The 7 Steps To MLM Success

29 Jan

1. Get on all the training calls – The more leaders you get around the better, pick their brains and ask questions. It might be hard to get on all of the calls when you first start out in My Lead System Pro because of your work schedule, but do the best you can. The Wednesday webinars are usually in the backoffice by Friday.

2. Get to all of the live events – I’ll admit this is something I need to do more of, the events are the place where you can really see the big picture, there’s something about events that can’t be recreated with videos and pictures. You have to be there live and in person to see the full effect.

I remember Adam Chandler was on one of the morning wakeup calls and he was talking about when met the founders of MLSP in person at the Live the Dream event. And what he realized was that even though he put them on a pedestal, he also knew that they were regular people like him. ( He knew they were regular people like him and that he could achieve the same results as well ).

The events really raise your personal belief level. If money is the issue, MLSP has a way for you to recoup your investment by promoting the event and selling the tickets. Events are another great place connect with other network marketers in the Orlando area ( this is where Live the Dream is every year ).

3. Commit to personal developement daily – if you’re not getting the results you want then it’s probably this. I remember Adam Chandlar mentioned the book The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T Harv Ecker. In that book T Harv Ecker talks about how a person could be a level 4 person but have a problem at a level 6. Imagine being in that situation where things are happening to you but are slipping under your radar and you’re not even aware of them.

4. Make it a point everyday to expose people to your products, services and business opportunity. That could be getting a person on the phone and getting them to a third-party presentation or something like that ( MLSP, primary opportunity ).

5. Mastermind with others at or above your skill level ( “mastermind up”) – This is absolutely crucial to your success online or offline for that matter. Get out there and make connections with other like-minded people. You want to find somebody who is going through the same process as you are and that are going through the same challenges. Have them there to hold you accountable.

6. Set production goals – Production equals results, so be relentless about attaining them. So for example, you could tell yourself your going to do 2 blog posts, 3 videos and expose 2 people to your opportunity every day. Experiment with this for like a month or so, track your results and then figure whats working and what isn’t. What you can do is set a production goal for a month then break it down into weeks and then into days so then you have a daily plan of action.

7. Journal your progress daily on paper – Doing this is so simple but the benefits of this activity are huge. Here are a couple question you can ask yourself so you’ll have an idea of what to write in your journal.

How did I show up in my business today?Am I a serious entrepreneur that’s on his way to 7 figures or am I just a dabbler?

How many people did I expose to the products and opportunity?

Whatever the number is circle it. Then ask yourself what you can do tomorrow differently to be more productive and get better results. Never compare yourself to other people, try to be better than the person you were yesterday, it gets you to look at yourself in the mirror, write your affirmations in your journal as well.

Affiliate Marketing Strategy To Make More Cash

28 Jan

If you pay attention to a lot of the top marketers in my lead system pro you’ll notice that they don’t just promote affiliate products just to promote them, but offer them to their target market AFTER they’ve actually use the products and have gotten results, in this article I want to go over an easy 4 step affiliate marketing strategy to make more affiliate sales, so lets begin…

Step 1

Purchase the product yourself and learn how to use it to achieve the results desired. Essentially solve a problem you have with a product that you want to turn around and sell as well. In my case I wanted to get more traffic to my content from the social networks so I began using Tribepro.

Step 2

Document some of the results you have achieved before you turn around and share the product with other people. You’re going to be sharing these results with other people when you are ready to make money. The better your results and the bigger their problem, the easier it will be to make sales. In his Jordan’s case, he took screenshots of his monthly traffic ( google rankings ) People need more traffic, this is the solution To be effective you don’t just say this is the problem, here is the solution and now you need to give me money, don’t do that. You show them step-by-step how to do it.

Step 3

Put together a step-by-step guide to show people how you’re using the product and talk about the problem that it solved, then simply offer them the product so they too can solve the same problem. With Tribepro I talked about the simplicity of traffic generation, SEO, and lead generation all in one place.

Step 4

This is the best step. Get your step-by-step guide in front of your target market for the product

Create Videos
Blog Posts
Better Networker Posts

Then watch your affiliate marketing back office to see the commissions come pouring in.



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28 Jan

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