5 Step Formula To Create A Simple Email Followup System

18 Aug

Sometimes it seems that there is so much to do in order to succeed

* “Copy is king!” cry the copywriters.
* “Advertise or die!” shout the ad sites.
* “Joint ventures are it!” proclaim the JV brokers

So who is right and who is full of hot air?

Truthfully … no one knows.

What we DO know is this. There are basic tactics that you MUST use
if you want your site to make sales.

Follow these tactics and you will succeed in time.

Avoid using these tactics and your success will be limited, and you
will be trapped trying to get ever more visitors.

What are these basic tactics? They include, but are not limited to

* A product people want. (Many people miss this one)
* Copy that is persuasive.
* A price that is appealing.
* A way to create urgency.
* Getting targeted traffic.

And – the topic of today’s article – FOLLOWING UP with people who
don’t buy.

If you were my brother or sister, and I could give you ONE piece of
advice, it would be this.

Create the strongest follow up system you can if you want to
succeed online!

IMPORTANT: Using follow up marketing is not only for those who own
a website. This method works for affiliates too.

So if you are into affiliate marketing or promoting an online
business read on.

Yes my friend, it is true. NOT using an email follow up system is

The logic on this simply can not be denied. Think about it for a

If your site is WILDLY successful, it will convert sales at a rate
of about 10%.

That means that only 10 out of every 100 visitors buys something
from the site.

This leads us to the most important question of all.


I can tell you right now what happens to them.

* They forget you.
* They get distracted.
* They spend their money on something else.
* They buy a product like yours from someone else.
* Bottom line – they do NOT buy from you.

The fact is this … on the Internet it is the LAST SITE A PERSON
VISITS who gets the sale.

This is why we MUST remind them to come back and visit again.

WE MUST REMIND THEM, not *hope* they will return.

Now if all of this “lost sales” talk is getting you down let me
tell you that you can be of good cheer.

There IS an answer.

The answer is to create an email follow up system.

Email is THE killer application of the Internet.

Always has been, and still is today.

People can talk until they are blue in the face about alternatives
like RSS or desktop readers.

But while they are doing that, people everywhere are succeeding
using what may be the most low-tech tool online … email.

If you are with me so far, and you think that creating a follow up
system might be right for you, read on.

How To Create An Email Follow Up System

Here is the five step formula you can use to create a simple follow
up system.

Using this process will help you create a basic follow up system
that WILL increase your sales.


There are many ways to create a more sophisticated system, but this
basic process works like wings, and is 100% better than no follow
up system!

Remember, you do NOT need to be a great writer to do this.
Something is much better than nothing.

Candidly, I have seen nothing more than “Thank you for visiting -I
want your business” work very well.

===> Step 1

Make a list of 10 reasons someone should buy your product. If you
have trouble with this, say it out loud like you were telling your
best friend.

If you can’t come up with 10 reasons, come up with 5.

If you can’t come up with 5, find another product! 🙂

===> Step 2

Make each of the 10 reasons into a short message.

Here’s how to do that.

Write one paragraph of introduction. It can be as simple as “Thank
you for visiting my site. I hope this information helps you”

Write one paragraph about the reason to buy you are covering.

Write one paragraph that summarizes your message, and asks the
reader to take a specific action.

Please note that being *specific* is the key. Tell them what to do
next. Don’t hope they will figure it out.

IMPORTANT: Write your messages in a text editor like NotePad, not a
word processor like Word.

===> Step 3

Now that you have your messages, you need a way to deliver them and
get people to sign up.

Create an account with an autoresponder company or use the
autoresponder feature in your shopping cart for this.

Any reputable company will help you create a sign up form, and help
you get it on your website or blog as well.

===> Step 4

Set your message to go out every five days. Some argue for other
schedules, but this one works and is a good starting point when
beginning. You can ‘fine tune’ later.

Another method that works well is to send a message every day for a
week and then send messages about once a week.

The logic here is that someone is *most* interested when they first
ask for more information, so it makes sense to send more up front.

===> Step 5

Add a sign up box to every page on your website, inviting visitors
to ask for more information.

Why every page and not just the home page?

Because it takes time for people to get comfortable enough to want
more information.

Because they might miss it on the first page.

Because repetition works on the Internet, and the more you ask, the
more you get!

When you have time later, you can add power to this by offering a
gift, or using a “name squeeze” technique, but for now getting
started is what counts.

If you have followed the steps above, you now have a basic follow
up system that WILL help you make more sales.

As time goes by, you can add more messages, make the messages
stronger, analyze which messages work best (and more) to make your
series work better.

But hear me when I say that NOTHING you can do is more important
than getting this basic system set up today.

When you have a follow up system in place, you have the chance to
make more sales automatically, and get a greater return on your
advertising dollars than ever before.

You have a chance to make the most of every visitor, which is
called in fancy language “maximizing visitor value”.

Best of all, you make time your ally instead of your enemy, and
have the best possible chance of making more sales with less effort.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed!


Charlie Page helps people succeed online with products that educate
combined with personal support.http://www.RealWorldTactics.com


The Truth About Internet Marketing & Succeeding Online

15 Aug

How many times have you heard the statistics that 97% of people fail while only 3%
of people actually succeed and earn a living in this industry? I’m pretty sure that
you’ve heard this over and over again, but you still may wonder how to position
yourself as part of the 3%.

When you take inventory of those that are successful, and tend to have a presence
online, and give you the impression that they are “everywhere”, you will notice a
few common denominators that may reveal how to become apart of the 3%.

I’ll share them with you today so you can begin to alter what you do and how you do
it, and eliminate your chances of being in the failing 97%!

1. They are Consistent in their marketing efforts.

One of the most important aspects of Marketing period, is being consistent.
It’s very hard to get people to take you seriously when they can’t predict
when you’ll show you or not.

Just like a child that expects a parent to be there to pick them up every day
after school, so to does your audience expect you to be there daily with the
information and pick up me up content and resources that keep them coming
back for more.

In order to sell people on your services or products, you must prove to them
that you are someone that they can rely on and can trust.

Major marketer have this skill down packed. You can probably assume that
they have a calendar for their business, with a list of daily and weekly
activities that they partake in to keep their marketing efforts alive.

If you want to begin performing like the 3%’ers, then you’ll want to begin
establishing a calendar of activities that you’ll commit to, and be sure to put
them in place!

2. They understand and know their audience, whom they’re marketing to
and what they want.

A disturbing known fact about the 97%’ers is that they have no clue who
they’re actually marketing to. They may take time to write articles, shoot
videos and write blog posts, but 9.9 times out of 10, if you were to ask them
who their target market is, they’ll probably decline to answer the question
because they simply don’t know!

Knowing your audience, knowing what their challenges are and how to
address them is critical if you truly plan on succeeding.

It makes your writing efforts so much easier and allows you to immediately
connect your offer with the needs your market has.

Before doing more marketing, take into consideration the following

Who is my target market?

What are they struggling with?

What is it that they want?

How can I give it to them?

3. They have a diverse marketing portfolio.

Using only one method to market your business is like posting an ad in a
newspaper, doing nothing else, and sitting back for months on end hoping
that your phone will ring.

You must get out there and begin using diverse marketing methods for your
business, incorporating things like Article Marketing, Video Marketing,
Writing Squidoo Lenses, Hubpages, Forum Marketing and of course Social
Media Marketing.

I will say that you don’t want to probably do them all, but pick 2-3 to start
out, while creating a consistent plan of action on how you’ll implement them
weekly, then begin adding one more as you’ve mastered the others, to gain
additional exposure from a new audience!

4. They outsource and delegate!

Outsourcing and delegating is soooo important to your business that I can’t
emphasis it enough. With so much to maintain in the Internet Marketing
world, one can grow weary and get burned out pretty quickly if they don’t get
help with those areas that are extremely time consuming and often very

The 3%’ers have mastered the art of handing things over to people who are
more skilled and trained than they are. The key is in discovering what it is
that you do best, and what makes you money and focus solely on those things
while handing over the rest.

Outsourcing can be fairly inexpensive, sometimes even averaging around $2
per hour (depending on expertise and location of your contractor). Either
way, it’s more affordable than most people realize and should be factored
into your monthly expenses as a “necessary expense”.

To start out delegating the more important tasks that you may fear letting go,
you can start using Private Label Rights Writers who will create your content
for you while you have the freedom to put your name on it and take the

For the Internet Marketing & Network Marketing industry, a great place to
start is with the http://www.MLMPLRStore.com (put your affiliate link here), where
they provide articles, blog posts, auto-responder messages amongst so many
other content marketing tools, to help make your life easier while providing
high quality content.

The prices are inexpensive to start out with, you have no obligation and it’s a
great way to begin to free up your time to focus on more critical areas that
really need your attention.

As you can see, becoming apart of the 3%’ers isn’t that far out of reach. It just
takes you making a few small changes and tweaks to what you’ve been doing,
and you’ll discover that you’re well on your way to dominating your niche,
succeeding in your efforts while finally making a decent income doing it.

To learn more tips like these, visit my website at http://tyronneratcliff.com/, and
you can get other tips and insider secrets that will turn your business

To Your Success,


Total Access,Total Freedom!

25 Jun

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The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing

4 Mar

The Dirty Truth About Network Marketing That you Must Know
and Understand If You Ever Want to Succeed

Here it is:

On the surface, network marketing companies appear to be
thriving communities of consuming customers all happy with
the product that they are consuming and they really are, but
what drives that community of thriving consumers has
absolutely nothing to do with the product itself.

Let’s think about this statement.

Let me ask you a question:

Why did you decided to get started in a network marketing

You don’t have to say anything out loud but answer this
question in your head right now to yourself.

I guarantee you answer is somewhere along these lines “Well,
I started my business because I wanted to make some extra
money and who knows maybe even become financially free.”

Am I right?

Well let me ask you another question now.

When you prospect and talk to leads about your business what
do you talk to them about?

Most likely you try to stick to the corporate script which
inevitable ends up with your prospect asking you questions
about your network marketing companies products or services.

And by the end of the conversation you’ve lost control of
the call and both you and your prospect end up confused
(usually get somewhere between details about your companies
product or service and the compensation plan).

You get of the phone and hope that my some grace of god your
prospect you paid $5 to confuse will decided to join your

Likely story!

Here’s why:

Successful Network Marketing has NOTHING to do with selling
your prospect on your product at ALL!

To the contrary, the only thing that you should EVER talk to
your prospect about is the same thing that got you sold on
your companies business . . . More Money and Financial

You see network marketing is built on financial hopes and
dreams and honestly, if you’re looking for business builders
to recruit into your organization your prospects hopes and
dreams of financial success are the only thing that you
should speak to them about, so they can sell themselves on

As an illustration of this principle think about the
situation this way, if you had equal amounts of your
company’s product in one hand and money in the other which
do you think your prospect would choose?

The top money earners know the answer to that question and
that’s how why make all there money!

Here’s the other shift in perspective that you’re going to
have to make if you want to have ultimate success with your
business and it’s simply a logical continuation on the point
just discussed.

What you think of as your company’s product is NOT its real
product at ALL!

Do you think your network marketing company’s product is its
moon juice or long distance service?

If you do you’re very wrong.

Continuing on from my last point, remember your network
marketing business will not grow if you just push product it
will only grow if you sell people on their financial

So if you think about it, your company’s real product is
it’s sales training and marketing system. The better your
company’s marketing system is able to help you generate
sales the better any more quickly you will be able to reap
the financial benefits of your business.

To extend this point further, eventually you’ll want your
downline to do all the work so you don’t have to.

The simpler and more effective the marketing system plus the
strong the training your company provides the easier your
system will duplicate.

If you want to think about it in its most simple form, your
company’s real product is its duplicability.

If you find a system that is easy to duplicate and you can
have your prospect “sell themselves” on their financial
dreams you will have a highly successful network marketing

Your Job is Simple:

Find people that want to attain financial freedom your way
and then shorten their learning curve so that they can go
out and do the same.

Discover how to earn a whopping $4,567,09 per month in your
spare time even if nobody joins your MLM business. Forget
cold calling. Forget those home meetings. In fact, forget
everything you’ve ever been taught about building a solid
income in Network Marketing from the “gurus”. Let this 25-
yr “unknown” marketer show you how he built an organization
of over 4,120 in 14 short months without making one phone
call! ==> Click Here For Instant Access

Top 10 Prospecting Tips

21 Feb

These 10 prospecting tips are for hustlers only. To get you at least 5 leads a day.

People pride themselves on supposedly not having to pick up the phone, but you can’t build a stable,sustainable business just using the internet, most people in network marketing won’t last in mlm strictly with the internet

Phone bashing is a trend, are you hoper or a hustler? I believe in passive activities like blogging and writing articles but you  you have to do more, you need to be talking to PEOPLE everyday.

You have to go through the struggles that the leaders in this industry have gone through, to make money you have to connect with people each and everyday!

Tip 1 – Use the system, MLSP system campaigns to get started, to get leads right away, they are content driven webinars, jot down some notes, write some tidbits, advertise them that way, go on to twitter and share with them some twitter training (targeted marketing)
Share Ray Higdon’t twitter training, some people take awhile to setup their own funnels, use the system campaigns while your setting them up, 5 leads a day with this tactic

Tip 2 – Working events, 2 to 3 hours a week. Meetup.com, Charity Events,Car and Boat Shows, find good networking events, get business cards, don’t give them out, want to sponsor people in your local area, don’t pitch people your stuff (opportunity), ask people questions at the networking events – what do you do? where are you from? what industry are you in? Get their contact info (business card), then call them back the next day, or hire people to do it, go there with empty pockets, get information from people, follow up with them the next day and say I know I didn’t have a lot of time to talk to you the other day, then say, I’m just throwing this out there, but are you open to a business opportunity… A guy taped a post it note on his back offering people to join up with him in a side project, this was at a networking event with a lot of people, creative stuff

Tip 3 – Contest Entry Boxes

High traffic areas, give away something your prospect would be interested in ( barnes and noble gift certificate ) don’t wine and dine people, like big dinners or luncheons. Track your results, maybe a JV deal with someone. Get a lot of leads giving away something, you can go through them fast and qualify them quickly. Tell them they didn’t win the grand prize but that they won a free ebook on how to make money online, getting leads just to practice connecting with people is an option.

Tip 4 – Post It ( Larry Beachum’s  mobile classified ads, lol ) – Sample Ad Copy “Superstars Only – Make $50k to $300k” Don’t Call Unless You Are A Producer And Can Prove It

The only problem with post it notes is you will get a lot of calls, qualify them so you don’t get a lot of tire kickers, send them to a 1-800 number to weed out the looky-loos and tire kickers. This is for posturing, this will get you a high-quality lead

Larry’s best day 100 post it notes, 35 calls

It cost him pennies, maybe a penny per note, it’s a creative world out there, what can you do to get more leads, they’re going to ask you what it is, tell them this would be a long conversation, ask them what they are looking for, tell them this isn’t a job, get them out to an event for your mlm company, test and track, or maybe this is for my lead sytem pro leads, you pick!

Tip #5 – Realtor Signs

Most realtors are hurting right now, they are actually receptive to what Ray Higdon was saying, he recruits them all the time into his Numis business, Todd Falcone is good at recruiting professionals, you got to be a hustler to do this, pick up the phone and call them, better to do this then work for someone else, your choice!

Tip #6 – Free Seminar/Webinar

Use content from MLSP, don’t have to create the content yourself, these are tactics that small business owners or network marketers can use, good for the baby boomers, this is easy stuff, your target market could be mlm’ers, small business owners, people into social media, chiropractors, guy around the corner who has his own practice (dentist,etc…)

Ask them what is their #1 problem with online marketing?  Review at break then pitch second webinar that will cost money but maybe free to some ( guests or testimonials )

(Marketing is about being in the head of your prospects, what are their problems? Hurts? Issues? )

Say it was your first webinar, figured out what their problem was, your next webinar is about that problem, could be a seminar, then you tell your guests of the 1st webinar to shoot you a testimonial to get free admission to the 2nd webinar

It could be a video or text webinar on how they liked the webinar, now your on the path to being an attraction marketer

Tell them they can come to the next webinar free if they bring 2 guests.

Tip#7 – Get Referrals

If they reject the opportunity, tell them they got to know somebody who has lost their job and has been effected by the economy, mind if I share this with them? Shutup and let them talk, did you know anyone who could use our help? Don’t know anyone who can need our help? Kind of nag them a little bit, don’t overdo it, squeeze as much juice out of the orange that you can, some people are bulldogs and can get hundreds of referrals, something a lot of people don’t do and take advantage of

Tip #8 Card Grab

Find some place in your area that has cork boards where people place their business cards, grab em. Call them up and tell them that you happen to find your card on my desk, don’t know where it came from, but would you be open to a side project that wouldn’t interfere with what you are doing currently? Do a weekly round, go to diners,laundry mats…

These people are professionals who want to make more money

Tip #9 Local Google Alerts

Seymor Indiana for example, if you don’t listen to the negative news, this would be awesome for you, if a company goes belly up, a plant closes, etc… A great way to build your business locally, if you put buts in the seat at your events, the company will notice and send out really big hitters to your area for events and promotions and to help out in your expansion

Tip #10 – Meet People

Face to face, hoper or hustler? all about your attitude, don’t pitch and keep it loose, use the FORM method, compliment them, act like sharing your business wasn’t the plan and it just came up.

Your always busy, no time to waste, either they get it or they don’t  It’s all about duplication, connect with them, give them some information then follow up with them promptly, all about speed!

Never know if your walking past the next 6-figure earner, or maybe they know a 6-figure earner (referrals baby!)

Each strategy should get you more than 5 leads a day You can lead with your company but you don’t have to, each MLM company is different, pitch MLM first if they say no, offer them MLSP How are you doing generating leads with Twitter? They’l usually say no, offer them the Twitter training, don’t forget your warm list.

8 Common Traits Of Successful Entrepreneurs

1 Feb

I’ve been in the industry for a few years now and noticed a couple patterns among a lot of the top producers in the industry, in this short but brief article I’ll go over some of the traits that they all have in common, enjoy!

1.The first one is association, get yourself around positive people, who you associate with and who you don’t will make all the difference avoid the people who are jealous and envious of people who have success, what if you need that person you avoided ,say when you went to a event, be happy for everybody

2.Mastermind – mastermind events are important, huge for you success, it creates momentum,excitement, this gives you drive

3.Coachable- don’t take this business on yourself, don’t reinvent the wheel, reach out to the leaders in the industry, don’t be set in your own ways, it is good to test things, but be humble, you have to be able deal with and take criticism, accept it, don’t take it personal ,if they coach you they care and want to guide you in the right direction

4.Be a hunter, always be on the hunt, be passionate, always be looking for the next leader in your business, always be open for business when you are out and about.

5.Invest in your business – don’t be cheap, don’t be afraid to invest in your education and yourself, this is your business, you have to have that mindset, do whatever it takes, your only hindering yourself and your business, grab a book, soak up as much positive information that you can

6. Be able to manage your time – Its very easy to make excuses why you didn’t have time for your business, be serious, set aside some time in your day for business so say from 8-9 I will listen to the wakeup call, etc. Don’t procrastinate

7. Share things with people – share your training freely, don’t be afraid to give, don’t hold back with your knowledge, most people won’t take action with the information you share but a lot will, ray higdon offered free coaching sessions to people on. the free Numis cruise he was on, most people didn’t take him up on that offer, surprising!

8. Work your face off – this is your business, manage your time well, if you are working hard you know you are making an investment in your future, it will pay off eventually

Have drive,passion, and I’ll set you at tha bank

Tyronne Ratcliff

The 3 Keys To MLM Success Online

31 Jan

Make sure you are engaging with people, the basics of communication are always the same, the internet is just a tool ,whether you are on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere online act like you would act if you were with that person face-to-face.

Our #1 goal is to be a trusted authority in our niche, people buy from people they know like and trust,you need to be their “trusted advisor” so to speak.

Here are the 3 Keys to MLM  Success Online

1.Trust – be authentic, rapport, be yourself, connect with them on their level, build trust, connect on similar likes, put yourself out there

2.Build credibility – separate yourself from the crowd, people have to believe that you know what you are talking about, think about why you are writing an article, shooting this video, what is it going to give to the person who is reading or watching., speak to them, why do they need to read this article? Have the visitors see that you are someone important in the industry, are you engaged in the industry? Are you a professional? Are you passionate about what you do?

3.Authority –  Once you establish credibility people commenting on your blog,getting phone calls from people, emails you will now have authority, you now know how lead people to success, able to plug people into the system, you’re becoming a good trainer, teacher You are now becoming a leader

Online MLM success comes down to building up your value, facebook likes, FB fans, leads don’t mean anything if you don’t provide value, they’re always thinking WIIFM, lol.Put yourself in their shoes, what is it that they want? How are you going to get them to overcome their obstacles?

You get back what you put into it, just because you went to law school doesn’t mean you’ll become a lawyer making over 6 figures

Give your blog visitor some insight, something they never learned before, i.e Did you know that you just don’t have to chase friends and family? Did you know that you can find prospects on facebook? Give them an aha moment so to speak. Or if you with them on the phone. give them insight, you’ll up your credibility

What benefits can you give your prospects? Be specific about what benefit they are going to receive, increase your credibility and authority. Problem solution formula, easy way to covert a prospect into a sale.

Results will speak louder than anything else, provide a webinar for your list, do a webinar on meetup groups, give insight

Show them the benefits of meetup.com If you want to hang out with mountain bikers,mlm’ers,etc Its targeted ( the benefits of meetup groups) This is how you sponsor people How do you provide value to your visitors,prospects,warm market

Treat this like a university, fill yourself up with knowledge and success you shall have.

For more MLM tips visit my site at tyronneratcliff.com